Christmas Market
zoOm Hungary & Budapest - The Travel Consultant

Between 10 November and 31 December 2020, Budapest Christmas Market greets visitors with colourful programs, presentations and a fair of Hungarian arts and crafts, plus traditional food and drinks.

At the end of November Vörösmarty Square turns into a festive market place. The location is ideal; the Square is in the heart of the city at the end of Váci utca. Cottage-style wooden stalls and two outdoor stages take over one of Budapest's most attractive spots during the couple of weeks preceding the end-of-the-year holidays. You can smell the scent of traditional honey cookies, mulled wine, cinnamon and fir from afar. The rich fragrant simply lures you to the market.


The organizers want to ensure that quality is maintained year after year, and so the craftsmen and artists who can sell their goods here are selected by a four-member professional jury, who apply strict criteria. A broad selection of folk art goods are available at the fair, including leather and bone articles, ceramics, blue-dyed textiles, felt goods, hand-made jewellery, and much, much more. In addition to the merchandise, the Fair is also worth visiting for great ideas that will make the holidays unforgettable.


The Christmas Fair on Vörösmarty Square has become a kind of trademark in the world of fair food. The seven-week event series offers a great chance to taste traditional Hungarian festive cuisine and drinks. Trust the restaurateurs featured to provide you with more than food: in their hands, gastronomy becomes a way to confer some of the essence of Christmas. Find such much-loved meals as stuffed cabbage, fried fish and fish soup, along with other delicacies of the season. When it comes to dessert, poppy seed and walnut rolls will be in abundance. December may be as alluring with its duvet of snow as it can be grim. Luckily, hot drinks will be there to warm up shoppers, who can try mulled wine, grog, punch, or the favourite of recent years, krampampuli.