Terminator in Budapest
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Terminator 6 begins filming in late March 2018 in Budapest, announced by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who will be reunited with Linda Hamilton in the new movie.

This past August the iconic T-800 Model 101 actor Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed to the world that “Terminator 6” would begin production in March, 2018.  Well now Terminator fans, we not only have confirmation that Arnold was correct and filming will indeed occur in five months, but now we know the locations they will be filming T6 in too… and it’s not in Hollywood, California! Cameras will roll on the new ‘Terminator’ film this March on location in Budapest, Hungary and in Spain. No word yet on other additions to the cast, but they will likely be forthcoming now that a production date and locations have been set.

Prepare for “Terminator 6” to infiltrate theaters in July 2019!

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