Danube Bend Tour
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The Danube Bend Tour is a perfect combination of history, art and nature. Visiting former royal seats, also the Catholic centre of the country, enjoying the art and the choices of around 20 museums and galleries in Szentendre, spiced with some gastronomical adventure and shopping on demand, makes it your day, for sure.

Danube Bend Tour

The Danube bend, just north of Budapest, is a perfect daytrip destination for those who want to see more of Hungary outside its capital. The area is a popular recreational and festival destination for Hungarians, too. Why is it called Danube bend? Taking a look at the map of Hungary you see that between Esztergom and Szentendre the river turns sharply south in the direction of Budapest. The wooded hills of Pilis, Visegrád and Börzsöny together, with the meandering Danube create a wonderful landscape that became nature lovers’ paradise.


A charming small village/town, named after Apostle St. Andrew, is located just about 15 miles from Budapest, but opens up a different world for travelers. Wandering around on the cobbled streets of this originally Serbian inhabited town, you will see 3 Catholic, 3 Serbian Orthodox and 2 Protestant churches, a Jewish synagogue, and about 20 small museums and private galleries nearby the art studios of one of the most famous Hungarian art colonies, the Szentendre Colony, founded in 1929.

The Mediterranean 17th century old town with its colorful houses hosted the very first private restaurant of the Communist era, and the family run restaurant still offers a unique gastronomical experience at the bottom of Church hill, just below the 13th century Catholic church. The Marzipan Museum and the delicate, tiny chocolate store Eden with the best hot chocolate in the world, makes Szentendre heaven on Earth.


The former fort and Royal Seat, home of the St. George Royal Knights’ Order and the greatest medieval knights’ tournament of Central and Eastern Europe, Visegrád offers a medieval experience for its visitors. The astonishing view of the Danube and the river bend from the top of the remains of the Castle, the renaissance palace of King Matthias Corvinus, the former prison tower of Lord Tepes, known also as Count Dracula, the hiking options in the forest and the challenges in the adventure park, give a choice of attractions for all visitors, whatever interest or age.

Danube Bend Tour


The first capital and Royal Seat of Hungary, originally founded by Romans in the 1stcentury, birth and coronation place of St. Stephan, the first king of Hungary is located at the north, just along the Danube bank. The settlement was founded by Romans as Solva.

The town is dominated by the baroque Cathedral on the hill, surrounded by several statues. The Primatial Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary Assumed Into Heaven and St Adalbert is an ecclesiastic basilica the mother church of the Archdiocese of Esztergom-Budapest, and the seat of the Catholic Church in Hungary. The altarpiece, depicting the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is the largest painting in the world painted on a single piece of canvas.

The 360° view from the dome of the basilica is frenetic; the Slovak plain on the other side of the river and the mountains on the Hungarian side give a breathtaking experience, especially at sunset.