Jewish Budapest
ZoOm Hungary

Budapest had a lively, vibrant and significantly big Jewish population before WW2. Even though the first Jewish settlers arrived at the territory of Hungary with the Romans 2000 years ago, the anti-Jewish laws and the blood bath of the Holocaust made them hunted aliens in their homeland.

Jewish Budapest

Our tour includes a visit in the 7th district, known also as the Jewish quarter, with the Great Synagogue and the Jewish Museum, the Heroes’ Cemetery and the Holocaust Memorial, the most known, must-to-see Jewsh site of Budapest. The capital had been nicknamed to be ‘Judapest’ in the late 19th century, because of its huge Jewish population, which was big and rich enough to construct the largest synagogue in Europe.

However, there is a lot more to see for those who really want to know, how Jewish life was (and is) in Budapest. With the coffee houses, restaurants, the meeting places of the Jewish intellectuals, the clubs and cultural centers, smaller and bigger, used and unused synagogues, Budapest is really interesting for visitors.

A unique place for people who lost Hungarian relatives in the Holocaust is the Holocaust Memorial Center in the former Páva street synagogue, with its memorial wall of the victims, which will gradually feature the names of all Hungarian victims, probably over half a million.

Jewish Budapest

The Shoes Memorial, the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial, the small streets of the Jewish district, the art stores of the Falk street, will all give unforgettable memories to the travelers.

This tour is available in a shorter half day and a longer full day version as well.