Richard Bogdan, Travel Advisor
ZoOm Hungary

Richard Bogdan is a travel professional with decades of experience guiding all over the world. He is the founder and the Managing Director of ZoOm Hungary, a travel agency specializing in European and Hungarian trips. Bogdan has a deep and thorough knowledge of the regions’ history, local culture and top entertainment spots.


My name is Richard Bogdan and I have been in the travel business since 1990. It has been quite an era since when I began Hungary was a Communist country. Early on I have been a cultural organizer as well specializing in adult education. In 2006, I finished my post-graduate university studies as a European Union Expert and Consultant.

Besides consulting and managing my company, I am also a travel trade editor. This puts me “in the know” with regard to new products, tours and insights both in Hungary and Central Europe. It gives me an edge in supplying practical information and a chance to test new sites before I recommend them to my guests.

My work complements my passion for history, a good deal of which I have lived since I am old enough to remember the Communist era in my childhood. When I talk to my guests about history, the subject matter goes far beyond history books. Since I am a journalist, I am also a bit of a futurist, staying up to date on political and economic trends in Hungary and the European Union.

As the managing director of my firm, of course, I have a number of specialties. These include organizing programs and tours for individuals and families. And there I always enjoy going off the beaten track.

In addition to helping on private tours, my expertise in tourism has brought me the opportunity to participate in many films about Hungary for entities like The History Channel, The Travel Channel, ABC, NBC, Singapore National TV and Lithuanian National TV. A few of these can be seen on this website in the video gallery section.

I am a member of the Hungarian Guides’ Association, the Hungarian Journalists’ Association, and the Mensa Society.

Finally, I am happily married to Julia and have three beautiful daughters.