Art Lovers' Budapest
ZoOm Hungary

Experience Budapest, the city of Art & Culture, while you discover your own talents. Get an insight into the Hungarian art life, get inspiration from nature and art, and develop your artistic sense with the help of a recognized artist of Hungary.

This art-focused tour begins with our expert guide meeting you at your hotel to show you the art and beauty of the city. First you will have the pleasure of visiting the private home gallery of MCP (Pal C. Molnar), the Hungarian Dali, to meet the grandson and his family in the former atelier of the artist and learn about one of the greatest Hungarian painters of the 20th century firsthand. The gallery has the largest collection of MCP, whose works can be seen in the Hungarian National Gallery and in many of the finest churches of Budapest.

Art Lovers' Budapest

The tour continues with a discussion about Hungarian art life with a contemporary Hungarian painter in his studio in the beautiful Gellert Hill neighborhood, close to Hungary’s Statue of Liberty.

Next you’ll head up to the Citadel to see the magnificent panoramic view of the Hungarian capital and to admire the Statue of Liberty. From there you will have a respite over lunch in one of the interesting Hungarian restaurants in the area.

Refreshed, you will be taken to Margaret Island in a Venetian type speed boat, cruising up and down the river to see the city. After embarkation on the island, you are given surrey bikes, which are special four-wheel quadricycles. Gliding through the old forest on a guided tour, you will discover Margaret Island and find artistic inspiration at every turn.

Among the many inspirations on the island are the beauties of St. Margaret’s former home. From there you can take your ideas to a canvas or a wood background and with the guidance of a recognized Hungarian artist, create your own masterpiece.

What else could complete such a day but a fantastic evening of music at The Opera House, the Palace of Arts or the Academy of Music. All are excellent choices and available at your option.

MCP Museum

The program can be extended and customized with tours of Falk Street, the home of Budapest’s antique stores, art boutiques, and private galleries.  It can also include an additional half day journey to Szentendre, the town of art and religion only 14 miles away from Budapest. This half day excursion includes a visit to the Szentendre Art Colony and through the first private gallery of Hungary.  

This tour is available to individuals, couples and families as well as small groups and is structured to fulfill your artistic dreams.

The Art Lovers’ Budapest Tour features:

  • Private Museum Visit
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Become A Painter
  • Margaret Island
  • Bringo Bike Ride
  • Antique Street
  • Parliament
  • Meet The Artist
  • Danube Speedboat