ZoOm Hungary

Have you seen enough churches? Are you looking for something special? Watch out, we take you off the beaten path, because you don’t know a city without knowing its people!


You start the day by going to District 8, the Harlem of Budapest. After a short tour in the neighborhood, you meet a Gypsy musician family in their home and learn about the Roma music, culture, traditions, and gastronomy. After saying goodbye to the family, you go shopping in the Grand Central Market. There you’ll buy the ingredients of your Hungarian lunch, which you will cook in a nearby restaurant with the help of a Hungarian chef.


After lunch you’ll discover Margaret Island, one of the most romantic places in the world, by taking a ride on street car Line 2. This was chosen to be among the Top 10 Most Scenic Tram Rides in the World and it ends next to the island. You are given surrey bikes (4-wheeler) to tour the island. You will learn about Princess St. Margaret of the Arpad House, see the 14th century cloister, the dancing fountain, the most beautiful rose garden of the city and many other natural beauties.

The day ends with a speed boat tour on the Danube River and a Champagne toast in front of the Hungarian Parliament, making this day truly an unforgettable experience.


The Budapest Special Tour features:

  • Off The Beaten Path
  • District 8
  • Gypsy Music
  • Grand Central Market
  • Hungarian Cooking
  • Margaret Island
  • Rose Garden
  • Bringo Bike Ride
  • Speed Boat Tour