Spiritual Budapest
ZoOm Hungary

Do you agree that chance doesn’t exist? Do you agree that we are all blessed and accompanied by our Guardian Angels? Then the Spiritual Budapest Tour is for you!

During this tour, you visit the most emblematic sights of Budapest, but we don’t set the route. You get your personal deck of Tarot cards and pull a card at each location. The card determines the next stop in your spiritual journey.

Spiritual Budapest

You may see Buda and Pest, the ancient and modern parts of the capital, including World Heritage Sites: the Castle district and Andrassy Boulevard with the Millennium Monument. This is often in the cards. And most often some of the hidden attractions of the city come from a guide who will take you to places where the locals go. Learn about art, design, traditions, and history on this unique tour. Taking you off the beaten path, you will enjoy the full flavor of this magnificent city.

While you learn history, you learn about yourself as well, just keep an open mind! Watch the sites, watch the people, and get in touch with them. Our local Tarot specialist and guide will be with you to help you understand all the messages delivered to you. If you let it happen, it is going to happen to you! Enjoy your Tarot Tour and prepare for your enlightenment!

Spiritual Budapest

The Spiritual Budapest Tour features:

  • Buda Castle
  • Historic Pest
  • Parliament
  • Meditation
  • St. Stephen’s Cathedral
  • Angels of the City
  • Amazing architecture
  • Opera House
  • Budapest Broadway