Upside Down: Budapest Hipster Tour
ZoOm Hungary

Get off the beaten path in Budapest. Be a #BudapestHipster for a day! See some of the hidden attractions of the city with an expert local guide who can show you the beats of Budapest.


Learn about art, design, traditions, and history on this unique tour.

Have breakfast in a milk bar, then stroll around the university district, and buy some designer clothes from one of the contemporary fashion designers’ collections. Try on some trendy hats and bargain at the market, too!

You will explore little known courtyards and streets, the props of famous movies and music videos. Follow the footsteps of Steven Spielberg, Bruce Willis, Robert Pattinson, and many more actors from Hollywood in Budapest.
On this tour you will walk into Szimpla Kert, the original ruin bar to enjoy a Fröccs, a local wine spritzer. This bar also functions as a restaurant, concert venue, and organic vegetable market. It is also home to Avant-Garde Art. Record your memories visually and take them home to the sound of the new Budapest.


Snap a selfie at one of the many colorful murals in District VII, take a peak into unique designer stores, and explore the underground art and fashion scene of Budapest. Visit Design Terminal, a station built by the Communists that has turned to be the center of art and design in Budapest.
Enjoy handcrafted beer from a microbrewery or some Hungarian street food hot off the truck.

Have lunch with a Roma family! Cook together with a Roma lady, or just let them host you in their home where you will learn about Roma culture and get socialized with these warm hearted people.

Believe us—Budapest looks amazing on Instagram even without a filter! #nofilter


The #BudapestHipster Tour features:

  • Off The Beaten Path
  • District Seven
  • Szimpla-Kert
  • Unique Stores
  • Street Art
  • Scenic Street Car Ride
  • Snack Above The City
  • Pedicab or Bike Ride
  • Dining with Locals